Transform your bathroom with our tailored bathroom design, repair and installation service. We have the knowledge to help you plan and complete projects of any size. From installing a new bathroom sink to crafting a relaxing new room to bathe, we have the tools and experience to deliver the perfect space that suits your every need.

Bathroom Design & Installation Experts

With years of experience in designing, planning and installing bathrooms of various types, styles and sizes, we have the expertise to complete any bathroom project. We can supply the best fixtures, and materials to go into your new bathroom.

Tailored Bathroom Services

We ensure your project progresses smoothly from the planning stages, all the way through to the finishing touches. Whether you need tiling, flooring, plastering or plumbing, our qualified tradesmen can help you get the job done. We provide quality bathroom fixtures in a range of styles to ensure that the finished product meets all your needs. From cabinets and mirrors to sinks, bathtubs and showers, we supply and install the complete range for all your bathroom requirements.

To receive a free quotation on any of our bathroom services, call us at 01858 575557 or 0782 5557444.